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Friday, January 29, 2010


Sound familiar? I know it's ME this week! I've M-A-D-E myself do it and I've lost 5 lbs since Sunday morning.  WAHOO!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

new measurements

I finally found my measuring tape and took some measurements and this is what I found:

- 1 inch off arms
- 2 inches off hips (is that all? I am doing a million squats...come ON!)
- 2 1/2 inches of waist

TOTAL lost is 5 INCHES in the last month! Just in the last month! My weight has just kinda lingered around the same area for the last couple weeks, I need to get back in the SERIOUS grove again.  I need to hit ketosis and STAY THERE!

My total inches lost since 11/1/09 is around 15 inches.  That's OVER A FOOT!

Hey whadda ya know? I shrunk by a foot.

Friday, January 15, 2010

month 3 pictures

Here are the highly-anticipated MONTH THREE PICTURES!! Okay, and I mean highly-anticipated because I couldn't wait to post them and compare the day one picture with this one.  Wahoo!
I've only lost 9 pounds since last time I took pictures, but I have lost inches.  I'll share that in another post coming soon! I guess those darn squats are actually helping me!

Yikes! Ryan said, "SMILE!" right before he took it and THIS IS WHAT CAME OUT? I should shower and get dressed for the day!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

oh yeah, doin' that thing you do!

The challenge:
NOT NIBBLING or sneaking a single bite of delicious-smelling deep fried corndogs and Pringle Chips that the kids had for lunch. (I know, really healthy, right?)

The cure:
DISTRACTING MYSELF by singing a song and the only song that popped into my head was "That Thing You Do!" and I proceeded to sing it while I served lunch.

It totally worked.  My mind was elsewhere and I didn't take a bite!

But if you'll excuse me, I have to go watch the movie now.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Whoops.  Totally blew today with stupid sugar cookies.  They didn't even taste that good!

Back on the program tomorrow! I'm going to have a GREAT week.

Ohhh! Month 3 pictures are coming on FRIDAY!!! I am so excited to see the difference...stay tuned!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

oreo tauntings never are fun

I'm stressed.  My boys are fighting over the same Spiderman car and screaming.  My phone is ringing off the hook.  The garbage disposal is making that funky noise again.  And WHERE is that awful smell coming from?

My hair isn't done, my make-up not applied, my contacts aren't even in.  I barely made it until breakfast and I dash about the house getting Ryanna ready for school and hope she's not late for the bus.  I want to EAT.  Something chocolatey.  Something fattening. 

I restrain myself...but I still have the inkling.  The hankerin' for something yummy.  Who cares that it's only 8:42 in the morning?!!! My poor neck muscles are very tense and I'm starting to feel myself shake from the stress.  Most days I can handle it, but for whatever reason, I'm really NOT coping well.  I usually would turn to food as a coping mechanism, but that's exactly the BAD HABIT I'm trying to break! WHICH EVEN ANGERS ME MORE!!!!! I WANT that stinkin' little Oreo cookie.  Or the entire bag. 

This is usually what can trigger one of my migraines, and I'm REALLY not in the mood.  I need to be anxiously engaged in my to-do list and not down on the couch with some headache.

I try something.  I take away that stupid Spiderman car.  I turn the t.v. onto Nick Jr. and sit the boys down in front of it.  (I don't do it THAT often!) I go upstairs and sit on my bed.

I close my eyes entering a "no-thought-zone" and inhale deeply.  My mind is FLOODED with thoughts about what's on my to-do list, who I need to call back, the thank you notes that I still have to write.....and on and on and on.  I accept each thought, and remind myself that I have it all written down on the to-do list.....HENCE THE TO-DO LIST!!

I calmly remind myself that I have a goal.  To achieve my weight-loss goal I need to keep up the will-power.  It's a mind over matter.  My brain is telling me that I want that Oreo, not my stomach.  My brain is saying that I'm stressed and I'll find resolution with those 70 calories.  NOT! I'll feel WORSE after I eat it.  And enter awful CYCLE that I got into years ago.  Exactly what I'm NOT going to let happen.  I want the long-term and not the short-term satisfaction.

I imagine myself in Kohl's searching the clearance racks for that new shirt that's a size that I haven't fit into since I got married.  Or going bathing suit shopping (also at Kohl's...duh!) for when I go to Hawaii this fall and how I want to knock Hubby's socks off.  I say to myself...  "If you can believe in it, you can believe it. And if you can believe it, you can make it happen!"  I imagine myself in a real-life setting and I can nearly SMELL the store.  That's exactly what I WILL have happen. 

I love that saying.  At this point, commercials have plagued the boys' program downstairs on Nick Jr., and I hear them starting to need my attention again.  I take another couple quick cleansing breaths and open my eyes.  I smile and get off my bed.  I feel suddenly refreshed, my body is no longer shaking, I don't want that stupid Oreo and it's no longer taunting me!!

I think that I'll be able to survive this day.  Those stupid Oreos did NOT get the better of me.

Monday, January 4, 2010

burn, baby, burn!

Did you have a wonderful Holiday Season? I sure did.  I allowed myself to indulge a little and I ate chocolate! It was delicious and had a couple nibbles of this and that was so NOT on the program.

The scale did up a little, not much, but enough to light that fire of newfound committment! I can do it!

I bought myself a little present the other night.  I wanted a new DVD of Turbo Jam, but since they're kinda hard to find them (you can buy them directly from Beach Body but it's expensive and I'm too impatient to wait for ebay) so I ran to Hastings and bought myself a new workout DVD.  I love The Firm.  (not as much as Turbo Jam, but it's a close second)

I realized the other day that exercising is a mind over matter for me.  I love to sweat and I surprise myself how strong my body actually is becoming.  It's amazing to me after a workout session, I feel excellent! I love to sweat and look forward to it daily.  The weirdest realization I've had though? I LOVE lower body exercises.  I LOVE squats! I normally HATE it and don't do them, but the stronger I get the more I enjoy them.  I can actually push myself harder without killing myself off.  Oh, I love it!!


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