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Monday, January 4, 2010

burn, baby, burn!

Did you have a wonderful Holiday Season? I sure did.  I allowed myself to indulge a little and I ate chocolate! It was delicious and had a couple nibbles of this and that was so NOT on the program.

The scale did up a little, not much, but enough to light that fire of newfound committment! I can do it!

I bought myself a little present the other night.  I wanted a new DVD of Turbo Jam, but since they're kinda hard to find them (you can buy them directly from Beach Body but it's expensive and I'm too impatient to wait for ebay) so I ran to Hastings and bought myself a new workout DVD.  I love The Firm.  (not as much as Turbo Jam, but it's a close second)

I realized the other day that exercising is a mind over matter for me.  I love to sweat and I surprise myself how strong my body actually is becoming.  It's amazing to me after a workout session, I feel excellent! I love to sweat and look forward to it daily.  The weirdest realization I've had though? I LOVE lower body exercises.  I LOVE squats! I normally HATE it and don't do them, but the stronger I get the more I enjoy them.  I can actually push myself harder without killing myself off.  Oh, I love it!!


  1. Way to go! The pictures on the side don't do justice to how you look in real life. You look wonderful!!

  2. Way to go. You have enspired me to try to work out more and harder too. YOu are going to reach that 100 soon and then you will have to come show me your hot new body:)

  3. THis is so awesome ANgela!!! I am so excited for you! keep it up!



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