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Friday, February 12, 2010

what does 50 pounds look like?

I wanted to HOLD 50 pounds.  I dragged my Mom to the baking aisle of Walmart and I wanted to get a picture of me holding 50 pounds of something.  I did flour first, and it was H-E-A-V-Y! I couldn't actually lift the bags at the same time! Two bags of 25-lb flour is unreal.  UNREAL to think that I actually hauled this around with me everywhere.  NO WONDER I was always out of breath!

I wanted to see smaller increments and I held 10 bags of sugar!

This is my favorite! Not only because it's one of my most favorite THINGS in this world (I adore chocolate), but I am holding 42 BAGS of CHOCOLATE CHIPS!!! That's how much 50 pounds is.


  1. HOLY COW!! You are doing amazing! I didn't even know you had started, we need to see each other more! You inspire me!

  2. You are amazing! Way to stick with it and be successful at this! I think I'll go turbo jam right now!!

  3. Way to go. You are doing so great. I am waiting for an updated picture to see how far you have come. It is past February 15th:)

  4. Amazing! I never would have even thought about it that way!



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