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Monday, November 16, 2009

one month update

This is ME! 21.2 POUNDS LIGHTER!!!
I lost 21.2 pounds in one month.  I'm trying HARD not to smile in these pictures, so that's why the funny staring faces. 
If you would like to rewind to see pictures of my first post and "before" pictures last month, click HERE.
I'm going to try to wear the same outfit so it's easier to see my progress!

Bad Habits that I've broken:
-I don't "munch" on junk
-I don't eat candy or sugar; I don't crave it!
-I fill my time with other activities than with food
-I don't eat at night anymore
-I drink 64-80 oz of water and NOT pop
-I "reward" myself with a can of diet coke once in a while, but really don't crave it.
-I find myself much more happy.

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