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Saturday, December 19, 2009

month TWO pictures

Not much change from last month.  I was hoping to have more visible results! I HATE waiting!
(and I swear my ENTIRE house is completely clean...except for that one laundry basket over my right shoulder sitting on the couch mocking me! Please pretend to NOT see it!)

Up to date, I have lost nearly 44 lbs....but I STILL CANNOT TELL! I'm sorry to whine, but that's how I've been feeling lately.
The only upside that I AM feeling these days is stronger and cleaner.  Does THAT even make sense?! I'm NOT looking for compliments but rather just venting.  I'm still fitting in my pants that I've been wearing for years. I'm still wearing the same size clothes that I started with. 
I HATE being patient!


  1. I can see a big difference in your face....can you see it? Your gorgeous bony structures are showing! Aren't people making comments....if not, they will soon. Keep it up!




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