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Sunday, October 25, 2009

This last week was emotionally-trying as I handled some EXTREMELY complicated and delicate matters in my life, and  I'm still very shaken.  As my emotions took a toll on my body, I was very sick to my stomach and then after I came to terms with it I wanted to E-A-T
I wanted ice cream.  I wanted chocolate and A LOT of it.

I did eat a couple bites of ice cream and 1/2 of a cheeseburger.  As I savored each delicious morsel of goodness, I realized that: 1) it didn't taste as delicious as I imagined it would and 2) I was satisfied by only one or two bites. 

YIPEE!! That was the first lightbulb.  Maybe I don't NEED to use food as comfort. 

I called my gal pal and we went out.  We ran grocery errands together.  It was fun afterall.  I'm back on track and feeling hopeful for this week.  Tomorrow is always a NEW DAY!

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  1. Hi...I'm sitting here shaking as I start day 1, wondering if it's worth it. Then I read this post and feel hopeful. Thanks for the inspiration! I'll keep you posted on my progress...Congrats on yours!!! :)



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